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Dutch ovens are categorized as either "kitchen" or "camp" style. You can use a kitchen style Dutch oven for outdoor cooking, either on a propane burner or hung from a tripod, however for cooking on charcoal or over burning embers from your campfire, we recommend purchasing camp style Dutch ovens and Dutch oven accessories by Lodge. A camp Dutch oven is preferably made of cast iron, has a smooth bottom, but with three short legs for raising it above the heat source. The lid is not as rounded as a kitchen oven and has a flange for keeping charcoal on top. The lid of a kitchen Dutch oven has spiked nodes for basting, while the lid of a camp Dutch oven is smooth allowing it to be used as a griddle when inverted. The lids are not interchangeable. Lodge Manufacturing

Lodge is the recommended cookware of Dutch oven cooking enthusiasts worldwide. Lodge Manufacturing, located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee has perfected the sand casting process of making quality cast iron skillets, kettles, and Dutch ovens that were imported from Europe 300 years ago and sold to American colonists by English, Dutch, and German traders.

George Washington fed his army from Dutch ovens. Paul Revere is credited for developing the flanged lid. Lewis and Clark carried Dutch ovens as they explored and mapped the West, and Dutch ovens were used by "forty-niners" for baking sourdough bread during the California goldrush.

You'll be happy with your decision to buy Lodge. Cast iron cookware by Lodge cooks evenly, with no hot spots, is virtually indestructible, and can be as stickless as the fanciest of non-stick cookware, including stainless, copper, and aluminum at three times the cost. Lodge makes cast iron cookware using a highly refined sand casting process, and produces the finest cast iron cookware on the market.

A Lodge Dutch oven has a hinged bail made of heavy gauge wire which is securely attached to molded tangs on the side of the oven and a loop handle that is attached to the lid allowing it to be easily hooked. The lids of camp style ovens are flanged, keeping the coals from sliding off of the lid and can be lifted while fully loaded with ash and coals. Lodge oven legs are an integral part of the oven, built to survive the wear and tear on your camping equipment. Finally, the lid of your Lodge camp oven can be used upside down as a griddle or a skillet.

A few tools are necessary for camp style Dutch ovens, including heavy duty leather gloves, and long metal tongs to lift hot coals. A lid lifter and lid stand are Dutch oven accessories that make handling your oven that much safer. We also like to use a "chimney" charcoal starter, after five minutes fueled by one sheet of newspaper, you'll have at least 25 pieces of even burning charcoal ember.

Visit our Dutch oven Recipes page for delicious camp and kitchen style Dutch oven meals, and our Cleaning and Seasoning page for more information on how to care for your kitchen and outdoor cookware.

Made in the USA. Lodge Manufacturing is America's oldest cookware manufacturer and foundry. Located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee for more than 100 years, Lodge has been perfecting the process of making cast iron cookware.

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